Iris Information

In late Spring, the colourful, majestic Tall Bearded Iris make a spectacular display.  Usual bloom time here (South-Western Ontario) for these showy, large-flowered Iris ranges from late May to mid June, depending on available sun and soil temperature. 

Tall Bearded [TB] Iris have flower stalks from 28 to 40 inches in height, with branching and many buds.  They are easy to grow and give an abundance of beauty with minimum care.  The Iris has a thick fleshy root called a 'rhizome'.  They like a sunny spot with well-drained soil.  Any added fertilizer should be low in nitrogen in order to promote bloom instead of too much foliage. 

The best time to plant is from mid July to no later than mid September.  This allows the rhizome to establish new roots that will anchor the plant during freeze/thaw conditions over the first winter.  After plants are 3 or 4 years old, they should be dug, separated into individual rhizomes and replanted.  Old weakened centre rhizomes should be discarded at that time



Standards the three upright petals
Falls the three lower petals
Beard the fuzzy, caterpillar-like hairs on the falls
Self all petals are one colour
Plicata a light coloured background, stippled, sprinkled or edged with a different colour
Rebloom may rebloom in fall if conditions are right
Hybridizer/Year the person who hybridized the Iris and the year introduced
E - M - L early, mid-season or late