Hosta Catalogue
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Canadian Shield   $5.00    Click for larger picture     "Glossy, dark green, narrow foliage. A sport of Halcyon."
Candy Hearts   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Good substance to the deep green heart-shaped leaves. Nice and compact.
Carnival   $5.00    Click for larger picture     A personal favourite. Hard-to-find newer hosta has an irregular wide yellow margin.
Chinese Sunrise   $5.00    Click for larger picture     This early riser in spring has narrow yellow foliage with a dark green edge. Bright.
Christmas Tree   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Heavily corrugated green leaves with creamy white margins. Unique bloom scape.
Crusader   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Attractive mound of dark green foliage, rounded, cream edged corrugated leaves.
Dew Drop   $5.00   No picture available    White margined foliage with dark green centre. Sport of Gold Drop.
Edge of Night   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Dark green leaves of heavy texture and mauve flowers make an outstanding contrast.
El Capitan   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Deep green centre with wide yellow margins; underside glaucous; ovate.
Elata   $5.00   No picture available    "Rippled green foliage makes an attractive mound, turning gold in fall."
Elegans   $5.00   No picture available    (Also known as Sieboldiana Elegans). Standard to which all large blue-leaved hostas are compared. Heavily corrugated
Elvis Lives   $5.00   No picture available    "Narrow blue to green leaves. Shiny top, glaucous bloom underneath. Rippled."
Emerald Tiara   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Very attractive leaf colour combination of gold centres with medium green margins.
Fire and Ice   $5.00    Click for larger picture     No Description available
Floradora   $5.00    Click for larger picture     A good, fast growing edger. Mid-green leaves are rounded. Bell-shaped flowers.
Fortunei Albomarginata   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Dark green leaves edged in white. A timeless favourite.
Fortunei Albopicta   $5.00    Click for larger picture     "Light yellow-green leaves with a deep green margin in spring, turning all green."
Fragrant Blue   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Smooth blue-green leaves of heavy substance. Turns a bright, chalky blue. Fragrant.
Fragrant Bouquet   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Choice! Soft apple-green leaves with attractive yellow margin. Very fragrant flowers.
Fragrant Gold   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Heavily textured chartreuse leaves. Sun tolerant. Pale bluish white fragrant flowers.
Francee   $5.00   No picture available    Forest-green leaves with creamy-white margins. Nice mounds.
Fried Bananas   $5.00   No picture available    "Glossy gold leaves quickly forms large mound; large, fragrant flowers."
Fried Green Tomatoes   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Ovate, shiny green leaves with fragrant flowers. Attractive tall edger. Sun tolerant.
Fringe Benefit   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Heart-shaped dark green leaves with wide creamy border. Rapid grower.
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