Hosta Catalogue
G - H
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Ginko Craig   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Narrow, medium green leaves with pure white edge make a neat mound. Vigorous.
Glory   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Beautiful heart-shaped leaves of bright yellow colour. Slight ruffling. Outstanding!
Gold Drop   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Heart-shaped gold leaves. Fine border plant. Can take some sun.
Gold Edger   $5.00   No picture available    Sun makes this small gold clump shine. Neat compact appearance and rapid grower
Gold Standard   $5.00    Click for larger picture     med/lg gold leaves edged with green margin. Makes an impressive specimen
Golden Sceptre   $5.00   No picture available    Heart-shaped leaves; a golden leaf form of `Golden Tiara`. Part shade.
Golden Tiara   $5.00    Click for larger picture      Popular! A vigorous small hosta with rounded green leaves and bright yellow border
Good as Gold   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Smooth, chartreuse/ yellow-gold leaf, changing to gold as light increases
Grand Master   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Blue-green, wide, heart-shaped and puckered leaves with wide cream margin. Nice!
Grand Tiara   $5.00    Click for larger picture     A real eye-catcher. Wide and pronounced bright gold margin and narrow dark centre
Green Fountains   $5.00    Click for larger picture     slug resistant large cascading mound of wavy lustrous green leaves. Floriferous
Green Gold   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Dark green leaves and gold edge make this hosta a nice specimen plant
Guacamole   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Chartreuse to gold leaves margined by dark green. Large fragrant flowers.
Hadspen Blue   $5.00   No picture available    One of the best med. deep blues. Thick corrugated round very powdery blue leaves
Halcyon   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Chalky blue leaves of heavy substance, choice and popular! Ground cover or specimen
Harvest Glow   $5.00   No picture available    Lemon-yellow leaves turn to brilliant gold [lutescent] Very heavy substance
Heartsong   $5.00    Click for larger picture      Heart shaped green blue leaves margined with creamy white. From Heartsong
Helonioides Albopicta   $5.00    Click for larger picture     "Green with yellow margins, elongated leaves."
Herifu   $5.00   No picture available    Green leaves with white margins. This small hosta is a rapid grower
Honeybells   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Fragrant flowers and light green foliage. Good for background planting.
Hoosier Harmony   $5.00   No picture available    "Shiny yellow leaves with green margin. Wavy, ovate with rounded base."
Hyacinthia   $5.00   No picture available    "Large mound; bluish appearance early, becoming med. to dark green; gold in fall."
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