Hosta Catalogue
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Sagae (fluctuans Variegated)   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Personal favorite. Frosty green leaves of heavy substance and bright yellow margin
Sea Lotus Leaf   $5.00   No picture available    Very thick blue-green leaves are cupped upward like Lotus leaves; very unique
Shade Fanfare   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Light green to gold centred leaves accented by broad cream margins. Rapid grower.
Sharmon   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Green leaves with chartreuse variegation in the spring. Heavy substance.
So Sweet   $5.00   No picture available    Excellent combination of fragrant flowers and green shiny leaves with white margin.
Strip Tease   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Heart-shaped ,dark green leaves with unique strip of white surrounding a gold centre. Vigorous.
Sugar and Cream   $5.00   No picture available    Green with a cream margin; fragrant flowers. Sport of `Honeybells`. Try in a large container.
Sum and Substance   $5.00    Click for larger picture     massive mound of golden foliage. Excellent specimen or background. Impressive!
Summer Fragrance   $5.00   No picture available    Good growth rate. Nice combination of fragrant flowers and white-edged foliage.
Sun Power   $5.00    Click for larger picture     "Dense mound of wavy, bright gold leaves; corrugation and good substance."
Sweet Marjorie   $5.00   No picture available    "Slightly shiny, wavy, medium green foliage. 3"" long flowers in August."
Sweet Susan   $5.00   No picture available    Smooth, dark green leaves with fragrant lavender flowers
Torchlight   $5.00    Click for larger picture     White margined dark green leaves; red petioles. Vase shaped mound.
Undulata Albomarginata   $5.00   No picture available    Medium mound of pointed green leaves with white margins. Fast grower. A favourite.
Undulata Variegata   $5.00   No picture available    "Wavy , variegated green leaves with creamy-white centres. "
Ventricosa   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Very dark glossy green leaves. Will take sun or deep shade. A personal favorite
Ventricosa Aureomarginata   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Heart-shaped dark green leaves have a yellow margin that turns white.
Wheaton Blue   $5.00   No picture available    Blue leafed sport of Paul's Glory. Heart shaped leaves.
Whirlwind   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Exciting new Hosta. Leaves twisted with yellow/white centre, dark green margins
Wide Brim   $5.00    Click for larger picture     A favorite of flower arrangers. Rounded, blue-green leaves are edged and quilted
Yellow Splash Rim   $5.00   No picture available    Elongated mid green leaves with cream to gold edge. Funnel-shaped flowers.
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