Hosta Catalogue
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Inniswood   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Bright, corrugated, gold heart-shaped leaves bordered with wide deep green margin.
Invincible   $5.00    Click for larger picture     May be the best green ever! Shiny green foliage which is sun tolerant. Fragrant
Iron Gate Delight   $5.00    Click for larger picture     No description available.
Joker   $5.00   No picture available    Dark green heart-shaped leaves with chartreuse margin early in spring . Shades blends later
June   $5.00    Click for larger picture      `Halcyon` sport. Blue-green margins; gold centres change seasonally and by amount of light.
Just So   $5.00    Click for larger picture     A special little hosta. Makes a neat mound of gold-centred green margined foliage
King Tut   $5.00    Click for larger picture     An outstanding bright gold hosta with heavy textured, wide leaves. [emerges green]
Krossa Regal   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Hosta "classic", vase shaped mound of powdery gray-green foliage. Unique!
Lancifolia   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Dark green narrow leaves with fall bloom. Great groundcover or border!
Lemon Lime   $5.00    Click for larger picture     small dense mound of attractive chartreuse foliage. flowers in great profusion
Leola Fraim   $5.00   No picture available    Dark green with wide white margin which narrows towards tip.
Love Pat   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Excellent blue foliage colour and slug resistance. Rounded, quilted and puckered
Lucy Vitols   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Greenish-yellow to yellow leaves with a narrow green streaky margin. Rugose. Textured.
Lunar Eclipse   $5.00   No picture available    White margins on all gold leaves. Sport of `August Moon.`
Maraschino Cherry   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Shiny, narrow, dark green leaves; purplish red scapes and petioles.
Marilyn   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Bright yellow leaves are wavy and have a waxy appearance. Lavender flowers.
Mildred Seaver   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Medium green centres surrounded by thick creamy-white margins. Attractive.
Minnie Klopping   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Dark green, satiny, slightly heart-shaped leaves with pale lavender flowers
Montana   $5.00   No picture available    Excellent background plant, specimen or large groundcover. Medium green leaves
Montana Aureomarginata   $5.00   No picture available    Huge pointed leaves with vivid yellow margins. Choice! Great background
Montreal   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Narrow green leaves. Fast grower.
Moonglow   $5.00    Click for larger picture     Showy gold with cream white edge. Excellent colour all season. Nice!
Moonlight   $5.00   No picture available    medium gold with a cream white edge. Mutation of Gold Standard. Also nice!
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